Lead Magnets

If you want to collect emails and build an list of customers that are interested in what you’re selling or creating, it’s a good idea to offer a ‘lead-magnet’ that you can put on your website that they can download in exchange for giving you their email address.

This could be a simple ‘How to…’ or ‘5 things you should…’ guide for your industry.

I created this free 28-Day Planner for visitors to my tutoring website. It comes with a 7-day email sequence and an introductory video and blog with ideas and advice on how to make the most of the planner.

I can help with…


Don’t let agonising over a logo hold you back. Simple is always best. I can make you a logo that you will love, in a style that matches your brand. You will have this logo to keep, in different formats to use on your website and on marketing materials.


Have you decided on your colour scheme yet? Choose a colour that you love and we’ll combine it with colours to make your brand stand out. I’ll show you how to find the hex codes and use them when you’re creating and designing for yourself.


Images can make or break your website and there are plenty of places to find them for free and for sale. You’ll need to know how to download, save, adapt, resize and enhance images to suit your purpose and how to integrate them into your marketing. We’ll uncover the mysteries of pngs, jpegs and vectors and copyright.


You will need branded templates for your marketing – flyers, blog posts, email headers, Facebook posts, PDFs to send out as freebies. There are plenty of ready-made templates available – I’ll show you the tricks of the trade for using and re-using templates without spending hours and hours creating them from scratch!