I help people solve technical problems using easily available (and mostly free) tools.
How can I help?

How can I help?

I need a quick fix

If you’re struggling with something you desperately want to do on your computer, you’ve come to the right place.

I do typing, editing, proofreading, Powerpoints, visuals, infographics, email signatures, graphics for social media, e-books, cover design, Kindle publishing, Facebook Ads, simple websites,  upload videos to YouTube.

I can get all that stuff sorted quickly and painlessly!

I have big plans

If you’ve decided you want to set up a website or an online course or business, you may be looking at investing some time into your project.

You might need to know your options and what’s out there before you start. I can advise on and set up your website, course platform and manage your social media posts to suit your needs, time-frame and budget.

I also create lead-magnets and manage e-mails automation.

I want to learn

If you’re stuck at the starting blocks and want someone to show you how to do stuff, I will find the easiest tools for you to learn how to do everything yourself.

Whether it’s tinkering with the colours of your website, setting up a membership site with videos, webinars, screen-recording and PDF downloads, creating payment systems or sending out automated emails to your customers, I can set that up and show you how.

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